Is Mediation Right for Your Case?

I believe that there are potentially at least 50% of your current cases that have reached what I call the “Mediation Tipping Point,” where the nuances of the case reach a point at which it would be of greater benefit to go to mediation and get the case off your back rather than drag it out in court so you can reserve your energy for the cases that do need to go to trial.

One common example is a case that has a solid amount of liability and injuries and needs to be negotiated, but the potential litigation costs could end up eating up a lot of the upside for both parties, and the longer the case gets drawn out, the more expenses could accrue. This is just one of many examples of cases that are ripe for mediation.

Furthermore, roughly 92% of all cases end up settling before they ever reach court. So if a case is likely to settle, why not settle earlier if it saves time and money, reduces your caseload, provides quicker justice and makes for happier attorneys and clients alike?

This is where mediation comes in, and I truly believe that it is a powerful asset to attorneys’ and adjusters’ careers. I believe good mediation is about getting to a highly-successful settlement that both parties are thrilled with as quickly and smoothly as possible so they can not only preserve their energy for the cases that do need to go to trial, but also for their lives and the people most important to them.

I would love to help you discover which cases are ripe for meditation and that we could resolve quickly and successfully together.

If you’re ready to get some cases off your back and enjoy the process, please reach out to me. I look forward to potentially serving you.

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