Case Types


Knowledge of complex construction issues over many years gives me a background in these cases that will help in their resolution in an efficient manner.

Product Liability

There isn't enough space here to adequately discuss the complex issues involved in a products case. But at a virtual mediation, with documentation, we will get to the heart of the matter and resolve it.

Slip and Fall

These cases present some unique issues of contributory negligence, causation, and just plain common sense. We will cut through the issues and reach a fair resolution

Motor Vehicle Accidents

These are the cases that can clog your calendar and your life. Hit in the rear, pedestrian knockdowns, left and right turn cases. I have seen them all and dealt with many types of serious injuries and the aftermath. Lets put these away early so you can lessen the stress on you and your practice.

Animal Bite

Animals are a big part of our society today. One stray moment can alter a life forever. Owner responsibility and victim rights need to be balanced in a fair and just way. In my experience, these cases can be quickly resolved most of the time.