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Anthony A Mascolo, Esq.

Retired from the Practice of Law. 

100 % personal injury practice from

January 1981 to 2017


A Bit About Me

I was a founding partner in the law firm of Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP where he helped to resolve cases for members of the community who suffered injuries due to accidents.


Staten Island is my home since 1966.


From 1981, after attending Fordham Law School, up to July 2017, 

I worked in New York City and Staten Island representing injured persons. 

My experience in the tort field included accident cases of all types.  

I worked primarily in the Supreme Courts of New York City, trying cases in Richmond County, Kings County, Queens County and NY County.  


I retired to attend to personal matters and to become an advocate for mediation as a preferred method for resolving disputes. I have spent time with SSAM (Settlement Systems Arbitration and Mediation) over the last few years watching the art of mediation from some of the most dedicated and talented mediators and neutrals in the field.  During this time, I realized that I have the experience and knowledge to facilitate productive mediations that result in settlements beneficial to all the parties


As a neutral, I will work to resolve cases in a fair, just and efficient manner. Clearing up issues for clients of both sides.  Clearing up calendars, avoiding motion practice and avoiding the heavy costs of litigation. I know the issues and I know how to resolve them. 

I am an excellent listener.  And can empathize with issues on both sides. 

I understand the law. And I understand clients. And I know how to evaluate cases.  I will bring this experience to the table on every case I mediate. I can give you a clear line of sight to the finish line of a case. My goal is to treat every attendee on an equal basis, letting the facts and law carve the path to resolution.


Having worked in the field for 4 decades, I experienced first-hand the difficulties and challenges that personal injury attorneys from both the defense and plaintiff bar face every day. 


Difficult cases, long calendars, high costs, client issues, excessive case-loads, deadlines, motions, wasted time in court leading to wasted time and never ending adjournments.  Extensive and exhaustive motion practice. Intermediate appeals, end-of-case threshold issues. Full appeals.  I faced them all. 


The good news is that mediation is designed to remedy all these issues. 

And I know from personal experience, that you will be healthier and happier, and financially stable using mediation as a collaborative and cooperative effort, rather than the traditional conflict-oriented court system. 


Having grown up in Manor Heights, S.I., I am married to the former Marie Rodsky, also a Staten Islander. Married for 42 years, we have raised 3 children on Staten Island. Our children have attended or have graduated from Staten Island schools such as the Wagner College Kindergarten, St. Joseph Hill Academy, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Msgr. Farrell High School, PS 23, St. Patrick’s School, Genesis at Xaverian, and St. Joseph by the Sea. 

And have attended NYU, Binghamton University, Syracuse University and Clemson University. 


I am a proud member of the Richmond County Bar Association having served as a Director and Section Chair over the years. 

I am a past member and Director of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers. 

I served as a member of the Staten Island Trial Lawyers Association, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, the New York State Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association. 


I obtained a BA in Political Science from Binghamton University and a Juris Doctor from Fordham Law School in Manhattan. 


A graduate of Msgr. Farrell High School, I was inducted into the Msgr. Farrell High School "Wall of Fame" for meritorious service to the school having headed such projects as the installation of lighting on the Track and Field Facility and Football Field. I have served as a Trustee of Msgr. Farrell and served as  legal counsel to the Board of Trustees.  For 19 years, I was part of a team that taught a practical law course, pro-bono, at Monsignor Farrell,  helping to educate young students in the practical application of the law to their lives. I also served as President of the Football Parents Club for many years.

I was honored by the Staten Island Advance for Sports Community Person of the Year.  I have always been active in community affairs, having served at various times on the Committee of Management of the Staten Island YMCA, the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame, the Monsignor Farrell Alumni Association, and the Spiked Shoe Club. I have lived a full life here in Staten Island, NY.

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