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SMART mediations are key to efficient case management

SMART Inc has been 40 years in the making.  Anthony Mascolo, was a practicing attorney in Staten Island for most of those years. He worked for personal injury firms, became a partner in a firm, and founded a firm with two other attorneys.  He ended his trial attorney personal injury practice in 2017, with the firm of Bosco & Mascolo.  SMART, Inc. is the result of those years of figuring out how to better serve a client.  Those principles are applied to mediations that are designed to help your clients and your firm in a very difficult and stressful working environment. SMART, Inc. provides  FAIR, NEUTRAL, UNBIASED, IMPARTIAL and QUALITY mediations  to both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

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Our Story

I am committed to the efficient and fair resolution of disputes.  When I practiced law, I had my own firm.  I understand and  personally know the pitfalls of a personal injury practice.  Case intake, to case assignment, to case work, to case resolution is an exhausting, time consuming and expensive process. Both defense and plaintiff attorneys have to jump through hoops on a daily basis just to keep their heads above water.  

 As a neutral mediator, my role is to navigate this chaotic and stressful environment. I will help you lessen your case load, save valuable time, save on expenses, and help you serve your clients.  I will take you through the resolution process with strategies I used in my own practice. I am skilled in both directive and facilitative methods of mediation and use both to resolve matters. My neutral style will always be respectful to the parties and the attorneys.  Whether your client is the insurance carrier or the injured party, you will get the time to make a presentation of your important facts.  The goal will be to put the parties in a position to resolve the matter and  meet their  standards and goals. 

Our time together will be designed to lighten your daily load of stressful situations. Early mediation with a skilled neutral will make your carrier, your client and yourself happier and, I firmly believe, healthier. 

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Anthony Mascolo


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Marie Mascolo

President and Administrator 

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